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The Tellale Signs That Have Tooth Enamel Erosion
A tooth enamel is the hard visible shell on the teeth. Most people can see their enamel when they smile but the truth is that they don’t know much about it. You do not have to worry about this. An enamel plays a very important role in protecting your teeth. Its strong nature makes it stand up to substances to protect your teeth from damages and decay. You should read more here to learn about the substances and signs of tooth enamel erosion.
Your enamel is exposed to so many substances that can make it wear and tear. The wear and tear that occurs as a result of these chemicals are called enamel erosion. However, there are still other factors that lead to enamel erosion. Some of these include teeth grinding, chronic acid reflux, some type of medication, and many more. You should know that some of the things you eat also impact your enamel. If you want to learn more about enamel erosion, keep reading this site.
Increased tooth sensitivity Is one common sign of enamel erosion. If you experience increased tooth sensitivity, it may be caused by enamel erosion. Most people experience this after the protective coat wears out and exposes the softer dentin layer. You will experience more sensitivity if you consume very cold or hot drinks, brush your teeth, or expose your gum to the air.
Another major sign is the appearance of dents. If you have dents on the surface of your teeth, the symptoms may get serious with time. This mostly occurs when the acid in your mouth wears the dentin off. Dents increase the risk of additional damages. You are advised to prevent chips and scratches in your teeth by getting proper treatment.
Rough and rounded edges are also a common sign. The outer edge of your teeth is exposed to acid more than other parts. They get acid erosion because they are weak and more prone to damages. If your enamel keeps wearing out, you will have very rough edges. If you don’t want to have chips and cracks on your teeth, you should get the issue treated.
The next sign people experience is discolored and stained teeth. When enamel wears out, the yellow-colored dentin layer becomes visible. This is why you see a yellow color or stains when you look at some people teeth. The color is different from the stains that appear when you smoke or eat certain types of food. The teeth become dull after losing their natural shine.
Tooth decay also breaks the outer layer of enamel. This weakens the teeth. You are most likely to suffer from tooth decay if you eat sugary things and don’t brush your teeth well. This article has explained a lot about enamel erosion.