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Essential Details That You Need for Your Sap License Audit

Lots of companies out there have considered SAP license audit and may face issues if they do not have the needed information to help them obtain the necessary requirements. It calls for the need to know how the process is undertaken now that the need for SAP license audit is becoming a necessity. You will find that you will not only be ready for the audit procedure when you follow the points here but you can be assured also of a great save of millions of money that you could have lost through the process.

What is your overall SAP license standing and how can this be of importance to you and overall business? You need to ensure that you carry out proper preparations to ensure that you compare the USMM and the SLAW reports accordingly with what you have today in the license agreements.

Proper SAP standings can help you make sound decisions on whether you need to carry out the short period license management project. You can be able to get all the data that you need in a single place and this can help you over a duration of two weeks or so. The process entails collecting the contract details of the license for your users and using the information to package all the data needed on the metrics. You will need to consider if you have to bring in the additional SAP users based on what you had planned initially on the business plan or the IT capacity depending if they are direct or indirect users.

Choose a forecast that will check the direct and indirect users so that you know what you need to be allocating each one of them. The main thing, in this case, is to ensure that you understand as well as optimize all the direct users and this is important especially when you need to remain compliant in how you handle your everyday needs. Check out all the information that is needed in the proper running of your business, this is important in keeping you well focused and terminate all the duplicated users. Proper definition of the assignment and this should be based on the types of users and where they are accessing from. For both of your direct and indirect users, you will need to ensure that you check the details that have been considered and other important adjustments that may be needed after studying and analyzing the SAP license status.

Once you have determined all the details you will then need to know if you need to acquire additional licenses or not. The purchasing decision of the SAP licenses will actually be based on the growth of the business and the details that you have taken using the above steps, you can check this website for more.

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